Endangered Species Day

Endangered species aren’t based on the level of threat but the level of possible going extinct.

“It’s like a day of celebration or to bring about awareness of all these species said,” Pete Villarreal, Wildlife care supervisor.

A celebration of endangered species day occurred in the crossroads. This is to bring awareness to all the animals that are going through troubles out in the wildlife. These animals are leading towards extinction within the next decade but there is something that can be done to stop their depletion.

“Obviously one of the things we can do in the Zoological faculty, the most important thing is to educate people about these animals,” said Villarreal.

In 1973 President Richard Nixon signed into law to protect critically impaired species. HOWEVER, THE Endangered species act allows authorities to determine if an animal qualifies for endangered or threatened status. Educating and researching these species are the first steps to being able to protect these animals.

“It’s a global effort were trying to come up with these days, these celebrations to bring about awareness that’s the main goal,” said Villarreal.

The Texas Zoo invites everyone out to get more information about preserving our wildlife. Every year national endangered species day occurs here in the crossroads.