End of the Summer Bash

A few creative minds joined together and brought boxes to help the children build their own little community.

Jodie Sandoval, Community Health Worker at Be Well Victoria said, “We were really excited about the Community building a community because we want kids to start envisioning what would you like to see in your community. Then hopefully we will be able to go and share that with our partners and community members to see if we can make their dreams come true”.

The children were able to make smoothies, eat food and play games but building their own community was the most creative idea envisioned for the event. Whataburger, an arcade and a Disney Movie theater, are a few places the children would add if they had their own community.

However, Be Well Victoria joined together with the Southside Correlation and partners from the community to create the end of summer bash. This was hosted on the Southside of Victoria.
“It was totally from the community members saying, hey we want to have a bash for our kids they are going back to school. Let’s end the summer and get them excited about going back to school,” said Sandoval.

Mayor Rawley McCoy took some time out of his busy schedule to spend some time interacting with the community.

“This is an event for the kids, but I think the group we are working with is trying to do some really big things for the Southside community,” said Justin Urbano, Be Well Victoria Member.

This event was a way to bring the Southside neighborhood back together.