Emergency Services Could Raise Taxes in Wharton County

There are eight fire departments in Wharton County that make up the Emergency Service District for the area, but now they need more funding and it could require a tax increase from the 3 cents it is at now.

“I kind of thought that since everything was going up high then our taxes were going to go up,” Dominguez said.

Fire officials say it’s expensive maintaining emergency services for every fire fighter at every station. Carmen Dominguez, who lives in Wharton County, says she doesn’t mind if her tax dollars go to helping the county emergency services.

“I felt that they need it and if it’s going to be for them to have adequate equipment incase the community needs them then I would prefer that they would be equipped,” Dominguez said.

The board of the Emergency Service District will decide what the tax increase may be, and at that point it go to a public vote for the people of Wharton County.