Emergency Notification System Comes to Goliad

Communities like Goliad continue to make changes to better prepare for an emergency like Hurricane Harvey. Community members are hopeful for this new emergency alert system.

City of Goliad will reintroduce an emergency notification system where anyone within the city and county can register their phone number and receive automated calls in case of an emergency. This can include alerts for water outages, boil water notices and more serious alerts for severe weather like hurricanes. The system which is used in other counties such as Beeville and Cuero will be available for both mobile and home phones.

A lifetime resident of Goliad says ” I think it’s a good idea especially for the older people, because there are lot of people here who don’t have anybody, so them getting that call will help them get to where they need to go. I have grand-kids and stuff and i want them to be safe and everything, so I would register”

Registering your number to the 2-1-1 system only takes a call to Goliad City Hall at (361) 645-3454 and your phone number will be added to the receiving list. The system will be completed within the next 6 weeks to allow as many residents to sign up.

City officials add that this service will be paid by for the City of Goliad, and no fees will be made to anyone that requests to be on the 2-1-1 system.