Emergency Management Officials To Issue Preparedness Guide to Area Residents

Education is the key to surviving a disaster
The Crossroads to no stranger to disasters. Victoria Emergency Management coordinators Richard McBrayer and Jena West, have developed a new preparedness guide that will help educate those in our area on what to do if a disaster threatens.
McBrayer and West say that they have gathered ideas from other agencies around the country, then added in information exclusive to our area, to make a guide that will benefit all citizens of the Crossroads.
“Use things that other agencies have put into their disaster preparedness guides, and also taylor it to where it is jurisdiction specific or even county specific or region,” said West.
“It will be an all hazard approach preparedness guide, and we will be focusing in specifically on some hurricane related issues, on whether you need a shelter in place, evacuation routes, things like that as well,” said McBrayer.
Both McBrayer and West tell us that their goal is to have the guide available before hurricane season begins on June first.