Emergency Management Coordinator gives tips on the cold weather

With the temperatures dropping, we need to make sure our homes, loved ones and our plants are protected…. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson went to Cuero to speak with the DeWitt County Emergency Manager about tips to keep you safe and warm. The Crossroads is expecting its first freeze, and I spent the day seeing how you can prepare for the freeze. “Absolutely we have sold a lot of faucet covers, pipe insulation, and a lot of duct tape. People are getting ready for the freeze,” says Steve Kolhoff, Alamo Lumber manager. I went to Alamo Lumber in Cuero and spoke with manager Steve Kolhoff about how people are preparing for the cold weather.
I asked him if he was prepared for the weather. “I haven’t, I’m behind. I need to buy some material before we run out,” exclaims Kolhoff. Tonight’s the freezing temperatures prompted Emergency Management Coordinator Cyndi Smith to warn people about freezing pipes.
“Make sure your pipes are well insulated both indoors and outdoors. Inside you can open your cabinets and make sure you got your faucets dripping that way your pipes don’t freeze too much,” explains Cyndi Smith, DeWitt County Emergency Management Coordinator. Once you have your pipes taken care of Smith adds if you are going to use a space heater you should invest in the new and safe one.
“This new safety space heater is if they get knocked over they will automatically be shut off,” tells Smith. “If you are leaving the room or the house don’t leave the space heater on. An animal could knock it over or something could fall on top of it and cause a fire.” Smith urges residents to never use an oven or a propane heaters because the gas can cause a build up of carbon monoxide. The most important thing to remember is to bring your pets indoors. But if you cant here is some things you can do to help them weather the storm.
“Make sure they got some old towels, old blankets, a place to get in and out of the wind. Maybe a dog house,” adds Smith. “If you can put a heat lamp out that would be great. however make sure that heat lamp doesn’t come in contact with the animal itself. Make sure there is enough ventilation where the animal can move around the heat lamp without catching its fur on fire.” Dont forget to wrap your plants in this weather to protect them from freezing.
Also remember to bundle up if you’re going to be out in this weather.
“The problem is during the wind chill factor people don’t realize it might be 40 degrees but when you out in the wind it gets colder layering clothes is one of the best things to do,” declares Smith. Resident Doyle Cruz says the he started preparing early because of the snow pellets.

“I sure have, i got my pipes insulated and i got the others dripping, i already got my plants covered up,” tells Doyle Cruz, Resident. “my animals are all locked up and my pets are inside the house also so im prepared for it because i got a little scared this morning with that little snow made me hurry up.” Smith says if the roads become icy to drive with care and leave space in between vehicles so accidents don’t happen.