Elections office provides answers to delayed Super Tuesday results

16- year- old equipment delayed results

UPDATE: 6:22 P.M.

VICTORIA–The Elections staff experienced a delay in releasing the polling numbers due to the new check-in process called the Vote Safe System.

“That means they are checking in the voters and the voters are coming back to our office electronically. They are a web-based software and it has glitches in the web based software which made us in the office, have to check in almost a thousand voters on the phone,” said Margetta Hill, the Victoria County Elections Administrator.

Hill has worked in the elections office for more than 15 years. She mentioned that on elections night the office had seven full-time staff members working to check-in voters and count the votes. Hill has also previously requested new updated voting machines.

“A 16-year old computer system that we’re working on, that is the problem. I told the Commissioners that we needed new equipment and they told me that they would wait until after this year. They would start looking at new voting machines and the system, that they would start 2021”, said Hill.

The elections staff worked until 2 a.m. making sure all the numbers were counted correctly. Hill said the County of Victoria pays for the elections systems and software support in times of need.

“We had support here that night he had just as much trouble. All their technicians now are going to the new machines so they just have a few of them that still work on the old machines and then we had to call in Omaha Nebraska to figure out what the problem is,” said Hill.

We reached out to the election system and software company that the Victoria Elections Office uses to get there side of the story but we haven’t received a response. We have more information when it becomes available.


VICTORIA, Texas- Newscenter 25’s LaShanda McCuin spoke with Victoria County Election Administrator, Margetta Hill, Thursday morning to get a better understanding of what caused the delay in the Victoria Elections Office releasing numbers on Super Tuesday. The results for half of the precincts weren’t released until after 10 p.m. (three hours after polls closed) on Tuesday. And the official results weren’t released until 1 a.m. Why?

Turns out that in addition to the voting system, Vote Safe, experiencing some glitches, the some of the equipment is almost two decades old. Despite the yearslong plea from the Elections Office to get updated equipment and software from County Commissioners, their request has yet to be granted.

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