Election office recruiting poll workers ahead of November election

To avoid another Super Tuesday delay

VICTORIA, Texas- During Commissioners Court the Elections Committee and the County Commissioners discussed how to make the November elections run smoother and they will start with changing the mail out ballot process.

“We plan on mailing those out ourselves. At the beginning of January, everybody requests ballots and they get them in January for the whole year so we’re working with the same group of people each election. So for the month of May, we are going to try to mail them out from our office,” said Margetta Hill, Victoria County Elections Administrator.

During the Victoria County Commissioners meeting, Margetta Hill, the Victoria County Elections Administrator explained several issues that occurred during this election season and how using a new vendor slowed down the process of the ballots being mailed out. She says in November they will need additional help.

“We need more people on election day and you have to go through training in order to be a poll worker. So if you’re interested in being a poll worker, you’re going to have long days. It has to be somebody and it has to be on their feet 12 hours a day, and computer savvy helps. So all those things we are looking for as a poll worker,” said Hill.

Hill says, students 16- years-old and up are able to work, but they would have to get permission from their parents.

Commissioners say they will have more meetings in the future to provide the elections staff with what they need.