El Paso massacre puts freshman Rep. Escobar in consoler role

The Walmart shooting in El Paso, Texas, has made congresswoman Veronica Escobar a member of a club no lawmaker wants to join.

The freshman Democrat is consoling constituents traumatized by the shooting that killed at least 22 people.

With President Donald Trump planning to visit El Paso, Escobar says she would urge Trump to acknowledge that he has dehumanized people who are good and equal to all Americans and that he needs to “rehumanize” everyone.

Escobar has taken on Trump before for his immigration policy and his denigration of Mexicans as rapists. She led protests against Trump’s family separation policy.

Escobar plans to spend Congress’ August break attending vigils and funeral services and making media appearances in the mold of other members of Congress whose districts have experienced mass shootings.

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