El Campo student tests positive for TB

A female student at El Campo High has tested positive for TB.

El Campo Superintendent Kelly Waters said the situation began 2 weeks ago.

The Department of Health tested the student’s family and neighbors, and the results came back negative.

Over 30 nurses and paramedics came into the school and have tested around 300 students and staff.

The Department of Health will personally contact those tested with results and that should be done by February 24th.

TB is a disease spread through prolonged, close exposure to someone who has the germ in his/her lungs.

Exposure is most likely to occur when a person with TB is actively coughing. TB can usually be prevented and treated effectively with appropriate medications.

As part of their ongoing investigation, DSHS will conduct a screening on Thursday, February 9, and Friday, February 10, for those individuals at El Campo High School who have been identified as having close exposure.

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