El Campo school board to press charges against substitute teacher

A substitute teacher at El Campo high school was immediately fired after police received an anonymous tip that the woman filmed pornographic videos in classrooms and a teacher workroom.

El Campo Police Chief Terry Stanphill stated that “the superintendent of the school contacted the El Campo police saying that they had a situation.”

When the police were first contacted a report was not filed. However, Stanphill said that, ” last night after the school board meeting the school decided to file a report and requested to press charges.”

The videos were filmed inside at least one a classroom and a teacher workroom. The teacher appeared to be alone in the videos, officials said.

Stanphill confirmed that there is no evidence that any students were exposed or involved in the lewd recordings.

The El Campo School District says the teacher had worked in the district for three months and was fired immediately last week.

However, one student said everyone is watching the videos and that the woman was a regular sub for her English classes.

El Campo Independent School District posted the following statement on their website:

At ECISD, we have high standards of professional conduct, and we consider the type of behavior reported to us as unacceptable and inappropriate. We want to inform the community that we serve, that the district follows all mandated policy and procedures for hiring, including the Department of Public Safety standard background check as we do with all substitutes. The district is pursuing this incident to the extent allowable by law. Additionally, the district has taken steps to issue a criminal trespassing warning, which will protect all ECISD campuses. Our legal counsel is assisting us with reporting this situation to the Texas Education Agency, and we remain committed to the safety and security of our students.

This investigation is ongoing, and we will update you when more information is available.