El Campo High School students tested for TB after 1 confirmed case

El Campo ISD superintendent says a female student tested positive for tuberculosis and that the situation started two weeks ago. The Department of Health tested the family and their neighbors and the tests came back negative.
The superintendent says the student is still being treated and has not come back to school. The Department of Health identified the students and staff that may have been exposed to the disease and began testing this week. Thirty paramedics came into the school and have tested 300 students and staff.
An El Campo High School parent shares his thoughts.

“It is kind of scary because I have a son that goes to school there and he’s a Junior and it makes you kind of worry about the stuff that’s going on around here. I hope they test everybody so that way they can know what’s going on. Hopefully they can get it under control,” El Campo High School Parent, Anthony Perez said.

the department will personally contact those tested with their results by february 24th. reporting in el campo im amber joseph with your hometown news