Eighteen years…Eleven networks…One General Manager

April 1, 1999 saw the first station manager that would see KAVU through the turn of the century. Tonight we sit down with the first general manager of the new millennium. “Broadcasters are meant to serve the community and I thought that was one of the first things that needed to be done back in 1999.” When Jeff Pryor came to Victoria in March of 1999 he saw a lot of potential. “I made a trip here several weeks earlier just to see what the facilities looked like and what the news product on the air.” Pryor’s goal was to improve the overall look of the station, “which meant buying new equipment and we added a Doppler radar which was definitely needed in this area.” 1999 was a pivotal year for KAVU. Pryor had plans to expand beyond the three existing networks and turn KAVU into a broadcasting hub, “In the Victoria DMA we actually provide all of the major networks over the air at no charge.” And the viewers flocked to the new lineup of networks being added. The switch to HD brought along it’s own challenges, “we had a big antenna give away here at the station for digital antennas which backed traffic all the way up to Cuero. we had the police out here directing traffic but ya know it really illustrated how important local television was to our community.” After September 1st the Victoria television group will join a family owned group of five television stations called Morgan Murphy Media, “we know that they are local news focused and they believe heavily in serving the community as we do.”