Eight-year-old ‘Supergirl’ Sarah Simons surpasses goal of collecting 100 patches

Simons family expresses appreciation for the community's support

VICTORIA, Texas – One hundred law enforcement patches was all Sarah Simons, 8, asked for on her birthday this year. Although Sarah’s mom thought 100 was a huge stretch, the world thought otherwise. Today, Sarah has collected over 2,600 law enforcement patches from agencies around the globe, and more patches continue to come through the mail. Sarah’s story doesn’t begin nor end here, though.

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Photo contributed by Supergirl Sarah’s Fight Facebook page. Sarah Simons with some of her patches.

“Supergirl” Sarah Simons continues to battle several health issues

“She has a lot of health issues and has been hospitalized frequently,” said Sarah’s mom, Aimee Simons.

Aimee talked about Sarah’s journey living with adrenaline insufficiency. Adrenaline insufficiency prevents Sarah’s body from producing enough of the cortisol hormone, which affects her ability to adapt to stress or illnesses. According to Aimee, Sarah has an emergency shot she takes when undergoing stressful situations, such as the car accident their family experienced. Sarah also struggles with lung issues, in which she gets infusions for monthly at Texas Children’s Hospital. The infusions help strengthen her lungs.

Sarah’s mom continued to discuss the health battles Sarah has experienced in the last couple of years. Back in November 2020, Sarah caught Covid-19. The virus caused damage to her liver and kidneys. The 8-year-old also battles asthma, which is hard to control due to the severity. She visits the infusion clinic monthly to get a check count on her white blood cells. Sarah also has immunodeficiency, which prevents her body from fighting diseases. She is at an elevated risk of developing cancer.

“We noticed some changes,” said Aimee. “She wasn’t eating; she had lost weight; and she was covered in bruises. Her oncologist got her in right away and diagnosed her with autoimmune vasculitis, which has caused portions of her lungs to collapse.”

Sarah caught Covid-19 in November 2020

Sarah’s diagnoses of adrenaline insufficiency and immunodeficiency cause her to become more ill and for a longer amount of time. Back in 2020, when she was diagnosed with Covid-19, and Sarah’s family said their “goodbyes.” The virus almost killed Sarah.

“With Covid they warned us it would be bad,” said Aimee. “And it did. It almost killed her. They said ‘call your husband because she’s not going to make it.’  So he had to tell her goodbye over the phone. It was horrible”

Sarah pulled through, though. She caught the Covid-19 Omicron variant in December 2021, which she handled well. According to Aimee, Sarah’s symptoms were similar to a cold, but it did trigger the vasculitis that affects her heart and lungs.

Doctors are not sure if Sarah’s lung damage is permanent. Sarah’s doctor is currently doing a work-up for lymphoma , and she will begin immunotherapy on Friday.

“Health-wise, we know we can’t change it, and we can’t take it for her,” Aimee said. “Doctors are doing everything they can. We just take it day by day.”

Sarah dreams of becoming a police officer one day

“Her dream her whole life has been to be a cop, ever since she was able to talk,” said Aimee. “Both grandparents, my dad and Bryan’s dad, were in law enforcement. Bryan has worked in it for nineteen years. His mom, too.”

The Simons family has a history of law enforcement service. Bryan Simons, Sarah’s dad currently serves as a deputy sheriff for the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. He is the deputy at Victoria West High School. So far, Sarah has been sworn in by the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office, the Victoria Police Department and the Texas Rangers. Sheriff Marr swore in “Supergirl” Sarah on March 5.

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Photo contributed from Supergirl Sarah’s Fight Facebook page. From left to right: Victoria County Sheriff Deputy Bryan Simons, Sarah’s dad, Sarah Simons and Victoria County Sheriff Justin Marr.

“In the process, Sarah told the nurses when leaving the clinic and after they asked ‘what do you want for your birthday?’ She said a hundred patches,” said Aimee. “We put a post out, and it went viral. It just exploded. She’s now got twenty-six hundred patches.”

Sarah has plastic tubs and shadow boxes full of law enforcement agency patches. Her patches have come from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland. On Wednesday, Sarah received two more boxes from Hong Kong and Australia.

Sarah’s family fights against the every day challenges

“It has been hard managing it all,” said Aimee. “We have three other kids, from fourteen on down to four. In February alone, we were at Texas Children’s Hospital like seven or eight times.”

The community has supported the Simons family throughout their journey. Aimee and Bryan expressed their appreciation for the community’s support. Aimee said the community has continuously been there for Sarah and her needs, whether it’s equipment or furniture. In January, the community held a benefit for Sarah. Funds from the benefit went into a medical trust fund for Sarah. According to Aimee, the medical expenses are costly, considering one of Sarah’s specialist is located in Missouri.

“We are extremely appreciative for their love and support for Sarah,” said Aimee.

“Don’t try to fight it alone,” said Bryan. “That was one of the things we had to come to the realization with. People want to help, so even though it may be against your nature, let them help.”

The following local law enforcement agencies have sworn Sarah into their organizations:

  • Victoria County Sheriff’s Office (provided a uniform)
  • Victoria Police Department
  • Texas Rangers
  • Freeport Police Department
  • Ridgewood Police Department
  • Brehnam Police Department (provided a uniform)

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Offfice and Brehnam Police Department provided Sarah with a uniform. As far as patches, every local agency has sent Sarah one. The Simons family have lived in Victoria for 10 years now. Aimee is from Michigan, and Bryan is from Texas.

Where does ‘Supergirl’ come from?

Sarah is a huge fan of Supergirl and a big believer that Supergirl is out and about. When Sarah was two, she pronounced herself as “Supergirl,” and said she sees Supergirl flying in the sky outside.

“When she was little, she would walk around HEB and pretend to fly with her cape,” said Aimee. “Supergirl has always been a hero of hers.”

Sarah also loves llamas, the color light-pink and playing soccer.

You can follow “Supergirl” Sarah’s Fight on Facebook to continue following her journey. You can find photos and information on what Sarah continues to go through every day.