Eight family members in Texas battling Coronavirus, one in critical condition

A family in Carrollton, Texas is grappling with their worst nightmare. Eight family members have contracted Coronavirus. 

The members of the Barbosa family who are infected range in age from early 20s to late 80s. Newscenter 25s Bria Woods spoke with a member of the family, who is not infected, to find out what happened. 

“We were being a family, you know, they were getting together on a regular basis, what we typically do. They were even more cautious than what they were before, but it still led to my grandma and grandpa and aunt in the hospital,” explained Chance O’Shel, a relative of those infected with COVID-19. 

O’Shel, Lieutenant of the Port Lavaca Fire Department shared that it wasn’t one particular family gathering or event that was at the root of the spread. His family has continued to gather as normal throughout the pandemic.

“Could they have been more cautious? Yes, for sure. And I think that’s the thing that I want people to understand is the fact that it’s not just about not going out to eat and sitting right next to people and all of that; it’s about even just these small little social gatherings are what’s causing this stuff to spread.”

Chance O'Shel's grandmother and grandfather.

Photo courtesy of Chance O’Shel.

O’shel shared that his grandpa, grandma, and aunt were all hospitalized after contracting the virus. His aunt is recovering, and his grandma was scheduled to be released from the hospital Thursday after relapsing in her fight against COVID-19. His grandfather, unfortunately, is in poor condition. 

“My grandfather was admitted to the ICU a few days ago. I don’t remember exactly when honestly, everything kind of started to run together. A couple hours ago actually I got a call saying that they’re going to call for a ventilator and call for a feeding tube. That’s hard. That’s really hard to hear. And the hardest part is how many people feel so bad because of what happened,” O’Shel

Chance O'Shel stanind with his arm around his grandfather.

Photo courtesy of Chance O’Shel.

said with tears in his eyes. “The thing that’s so hard is that he’ll die in that room alone. And that’s the hardest part about this virus is nobody gets to go say, ‘bye.’ I don’t think there should ever be blame put on anyone, but it’s caution. Can you get yourself to say I’m doing everything I can.”

The younger family members who contracted the virus are recovering at home. 

Many essential workers are in O’Shel’s family, and he acknowledged that the risk of exposure is always present, which is why extra care for essential workers and everyone needs to be taken to keep those at home safe. 

Some families around the world are entering month four of being apart from each other already having missed birthdays and other celebrations together. O’Shel encourages people to stay focused on the greater prize: having your family healthy and alive. 

“My biggest thing is no matter how much you miss all of your friends and how much you miss going out and having those fun times, there is not a worse feeling than the way my family feels right now, it’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

In addition to the eight family members, ten friends of the family have also contracted symptoms consistent with COVID-19. 

Thursday Texas Governor, Greg Abbott announced a temporary halt to the next phases of reopening the state in the wake of rapidly growing cases of COVID-19. Governor Abbott also stated in an interview with Newscenter 25 to “anticipate more orders coming out.”