Edna woman saves bald eagle

Jessica Coleman, founder of Lumpy Lizard Reptile, Poultry, and Exotics Rescue saved an injured bald eagle in Edna.

EDNA, Texas – Jessica Coleman is the founder of Lumpy Lizard Reptile, Poultry, and Exotics Rescue and when she got the call from an Edna resident that there was a bald eagle injured on their property, Coleman didn’t hesitate to come to the rescue.

Jessica Coleman’s nonprofit has been taking in and saving animals for over a year now, and she’s been working with animals since around 2012 so she’s no stranger to exotic animals.

“A day in the life of a rescuer. you do weird things. I’ve fished turtles out of pools, I’ve had someone call me about a hedgehog floating in her swimming pool. I get the weird calls like I rescued a guinea pig out of a cemetery one time,” says Coleman.

Coleman usually deals with reptiles and poultry but will take in really any exotic animal, so when she got the call about a bald eagle she sprung into action.

“She said ‘Jessica this is very important, and I was like yes ma’am, and she said ‘bald eagle, south of town’,” says Coleman.

The landowner had reported that he had seen the eagle fall out of a tree and it seemed to be injured. It wasn’t long before Coleman spotted the eagle in a pond on the property.

“I didn’t actually think I was going to chase an eagle across a pond…but he was a little faster than I expected him to be. So I literally trudged across the entire pond. I caught him a little bit after halfway. So we get out and we’re both soaked.

This was only her second bald eagle rescue, but she was able to safely retrieve the injured eagle and bring him to safety, with Coleman avoiding the eagle’s sharp talons as well as avoiding getting pecked.

“I’m not letting my husband live it down. Every time I need help opening a jar and he says something about it I’m like ‘I wrestled a bald eagle with my bare hands’ babe,” says Coleman.

Coleman says that it’s suspected that the eagle sustained some damage to his pelvis but is now in the care of Last Chance Forever, a wildlife rescue in San Antonio.

If you ever encounter an exotic animal that you can’t take care of or see one that needs help give Coleman’s animal rescue a call and she’ll come to the rescue. you can find her page on Facebook at Lumpy Lizard Reptile Poultry and Exotics Rescue.