Edna TDECU Targeted by Skimmer Scam

A TDECU Bank branch in Edna has become a target for an ATM scam where a device is installed to collect debit card information.

This device used by scammers is known as a skimmer, and banks like TDECU has become a victim several times.

“Well I can’t say go to another bank because it can happen at any bank, but what we have to do is catch these scammers” says Kelly Baylor, a customer of TDECU.

Sunday morning, Edna police responded to a call relating to an electric device that was placed over a card reader at a TDECU ATM.

“In this particular case the person noticed that the little cone where you insert your card was loose- and so they just pulled it off and it came right off” explains Edna Chief of Police, Clinton Wooldridge.

The bank’s Edna branch was the victim of this attempted scam to collect card information. One that unfortunately is not new to the area.

“It’s not new specifically to Edna. We just recently had another incident at TDECU in Edna, so this wasn’t the first time, in both cases I think they were able to determine how much time the skimmer was attached to the ATM machine” adds Wooldridge.

TDECU released a statement saying in part:

“TDECU’s Edna Member Center was impacted by the recent outbreak of card skimming devices illegally placed on ATM’s… if a Member suspects skimming activity on their account, we encourage them to call … 800-839-1154”

“It’s being done similarly at other TDECU’s and so it may be a person or a group of person’s” says Wooldridge.

Bank account holders and Edna residents worry that this can easily make them a victim.

“I’m upset, I’m upset to find out that people can scam like that. It’s not right that a scammer can come in to a small town like this one here and try to take other people’s money” says

Officials urge bankers to be vigilant when using ATM’s, and make sure all parts of the machine are safely secured. E dna Police Department is conducting an investigation. The device will be treated for fingerprints in hopes of gathering more information.