Edna Residents still fighting to keep Walmart open

We first reported on an Edna resident who is fighting to keep the local Walmart open back on June 22nd.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson gives us an update on the petition. In the coming days this Walmart behind me will close its doors for the last time. Kenneth Marek started his petition on June 21 getting 100 signatures but as of today he has more than double that.
“I’ve got over 600 signatures to the judge at the courthouse,” says Kenneth Marek, Organizer. Marek says his next step was calling the corporate office.
“12 or 15 times and all the guys that signed the petition i gave them that number,” tells Marek. Walmart answered his calls by saying this.
“They are closing because they aren’t making any money,” adds Marek. He believes that is not true. Marek says Edna needs this Walmart.
“Everybody our age, we need this building. The younger people, they can drive out of town or they can drive to Victoria or El Campo but everyone that is in there 50s and above they need this Walmart because of the pharmacy,” explains Marek. Speaking of the pharmacy, many Edna residents will suffer.
“An older gentleman who lives right down the road here, he walks to get his prescription. Where is he going to go now,” exclaims Marek! Resident Sean Davis has mixed emotions about the Walmart closing because he doesn’t want to drive to Victoria for a Walmart.
“I enjoy driving but not on routine stuff,” says Sean Davis, Resident. Davis wants to leave this message with the corporate office. “Find the heart of the business again. Move back to the smaller towns, have smaller stores like they used to back in the days, and that way you help the local economy,” declares Davis. The Edna Walmart will close its doors on July 20th for the last time.