Edna residents dealing with flooding

Edna's City Manger Gary Broz says a $1.4 million dollar plan is in the works

EDNA, Texas – Hurricane season is here, which means for some residents in the city of Edna, so is flooding.

One Edna resident, Terrilyn Turner, has had her home flooded three times this year, and not even being halfway through hurricane season, means more flooding is likely. The city offers free sandbags for residents with flooding issues, but Turner says much more needs to be done. Turner said she has homeowners insurance, but it doesn’t cover flood damage, so she and her husband, who is disabled and recovering from cancer, are left on their own to foot the bill for the flood damage. The flooding in their home has also caused mold and mildew buildup posing a health risk for the couple.

Edna’s city manager Gary Broz got into his position a little over a year ago, and three days in as the new city manager, Edna flooded. “Just keep moving, until we get the whole city cleaned up, cleaned out all the ditches cleaned out, all the culverts cleaned or replaced. We’re having to replace a lot of the culverts because they’re broken or deteriorated. It’s been a fun time, a challenging time, and an expensive time” says Broz, who experiences flooding at his own home as well.

Broz said the biggest hurdle the city faces in addressing these flooding issues, is funding. He said the city is working on passing a $1.4 million dollar budget to address some of the flooding issues in Edna, but until then residents will have to mitigate flood damage on their own.