Edna PD to Unveil Racial Profiling Report This Week

The Edna Police Department will unveil their 2016 Racial Profiling Report this week and in years past the top two races that were pulled over were Whites and Hispanics.

“That’s generally the population of the area about half and a little less than than is Hispanic than black and the other races,” McConathy said.

On most occasions the officer said they did not know the race of the person they would be pulling over until the traffic stop was made, only 11 times was the race of the person know.

“It shows that the officers are responding to the offense itself rather than the person that is driving,” McConathy said.

One of the stats that is detailed in the report sent to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement is how many citations are given during a traffic stop and how many arrests are made, with only 81 arrests being made opposed to 1,605 citations being given, but it doesn’t ask which race received the citation or was arrested.

“You would think that would be a factor but that is not one of the things that the state of Texas asks for in this report,” McConathy said.