Edna Looks to Replace Sewer Lines

“When it rains the water has in flow into the sewer system then we have to treat the rainwater with the sewer system,” Doering said.

The City of Edna is hoping to replace concrete sewer line pipes that were installed in the 1950’s in this neighborhood near East Street. They want to use PVC pipe because it has better results than what would happen with concrete.

“If the ground shifts or if a tree root would actually grow and apply pressure against it the connection would cause a gap to be made which cause rain water and ground water to go in,” Doering said.

The city is focusing on streets between Church Street and Division Street because they have seen problems like sinkholes. The grant would be worth $275,000.

“You always try to fix the worst problems first we have limited funds that’s why we are applying for grant money to try to bring some state and federal money into the City of Edna to improve our infrastructure and utilities,” Doering said.

If the city doesn’t secure funding to replace the pipes they will just fix the problems when they arise.

“It’s kind of like if you don’t have the funds to replace a tire and you can patch it and go another thousand miles,” Doering said.