Edna ISD taking steps to keep students healthy during flu season

With an outbreak of the measles and flu season in the news, Edna ISD is taking steps to ensure their students are happy and healthy during this time.

The district says they have worked overtime to disinfect each campus during off time to ensure their students do not get sick.

Additionally, the district is using aerosol dispersal units to eliminate any germs or viruses on school grounds. The district’s goal is to ensure all students are healthy and able to attend school without fear of being sick.

“We’ve tried to get them to be diligent about washing their hands and trying to keep as germ free as possible,” explained Superintendent Robert O’Connor. “We’ve also really talked to our custodial staff about being diligent at wiping down surfaces and disinfecting as much as we can at the end of each day. Because, unfortunately, everyday it starts over again.”

The district says if students feel even a little sick, it’s better that they stay home and fully recover so they don’t risk getting others sick as well.