Edna ISD Athletic Director resigns amidst investigation

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a former Edna ISD coach and the allegations leading to his resignation.

As of Monday, Jerry Long, Athletic Director for Edna ISD submitted his resignation, this comes after allegations of inappropriate messaging with a female student.

“The employee did resign immediately that day, and regardless of whether he would have or would have not done that, he would have been suspended with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation.” says superintendent Edna ISD Robert O’Connor.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is still conducting the investigation, and released no names of those involved.

O’Connor assumed the role of athletic director at this time until further discussion of how the position will be filled. A school board meeting is set for next week to make a decision.

“[It’s important] As a school district to act swiftly and decisively and air on the side of caution and make sure that we do everything we can to protect staff and students.” adds O’Connor.

Long had been with the district for about two years where he coached and oversaw all athletic functions for both Edna Junior High and Edna High School.