Edna business makes Rainbow Dash casket for Maleah Davis

SoulShine Industries in Edna has donated a custom casket to Meleah Davis’ family after her horrible death.

“Such a tragedy but you know we want to bring some light into a dark time,” said Trey Ganhem, Owner of SoulShine Industries.

The beautiful face of Maleha Davis has mesmerized the hearts of people across the nation after her tragic death captured the attention of many.

Trey Ganhem, the owner of Soulshine Industries, wanted to make sure Davis would be buried in something she loved.

“She loved Rainbow Dash so this right here is what we’re doing for her. It’s a beautiful casket. It’s a sad story but its something we want to celebrate her life,” said Ganhem.

Multiple community members called ​​ Ganham to request that he create Maleah’s casket.

He adds that it won’t take away from what happened to her but will put a smile on the family’s face.

“This is something that we’re proud of to be able to do this for the family and I couldn’t imagine if this happened to me. So how we treat our caskets here is like, if this was our daughter,” said Ganhem.

Ganhem took a moment to pray over the casket and for the Davis family as they lay to rest their beautiful daughter.

“You know this was her favorite, her favorite cartoon her favorite thing, and we wanted her to go in what she loved,” said Ganhem.

The SoulShine Industry team said this was their gift to the Davis family and their prayers are with the family.