Easy steps to fill out a mail-in ballot, according to Senate Bill 1

Correcting a mail-in ballot

VICTORIA, Texas – Senate bill 1 law has made changes to the Texas election process. Mail-in ballots have new I.D. requirements and a correction process. Now, the mail-in ballots must have the voters drivers license number or last 4 digits of their social security number. Elections Administrator Margetta Hill says this has caused some delay because their office is receiving ballots with the I.D. requirement filled out incorrectly.

“And some of them are just not putting anything because the ballot has really tiny writing and they are just over looking it,” she said.

When the mail-in ballots are not filled out properly. They have to mail them back, which makes the process take longer. On Feb. 19, during the first Saturday of early voting there were several incorrect mail-in ballots.

On Saturday, we had about 350 in and we had to send about half of them back,” she said.

As a result, the elections office will send an affidavit, where voters will put their numbers in and send it back to the elections office. So they can put the mail-in ballots in to be corrected. Filling out the mail-in ballot can be confusing because mail in ballot packets have several envelopes. A green envelope where all forms are placed inside. Plus, a ballot envelope and another envelope with a purple stripe on the left side which is the one where voters need to put their drivers license or last 4 digits of their social security number.

“You have your envelope that you put your ballot envelope in and that’s the one where it calls for the drivers license and your social,” she said. “This envelope.”

Even if someone voted by mail, there’s still time to turn in a mail-in ballot after correcting it. Registered voters can drop off their mail-in ballot or vote in person on election day.

“Just as soon as they get them. Go ahead and vote. They have to be mailed back to us, unless they are going to bring them back to us on election day, which is March 1st,” she said.

While these updated voting procedures have already been applied. Voters can call the elections office at 361-576-0124 for any additional questions.