East, West girls golf prepare for regional tournament

For the second consecutive season, East girls golf will be competing at regionals. This time around, they’ll have company from the Crossroads.

East and West girls golf will both make the trip to Palm View Golf Course in McAllen, where regionals are set to tee off on Monday. Play will commence at 8 am Monday morning, followed by the second and final round of play Tuesday.

“We’re very proud and we’re really excited to be out there just representing West,” said Warriors senior Ansliee Stehling. “It’s a really big opportunity and we’re just excited to get to go out there and play.”

Stehling’s enthusiasm was echoed by her crosstown counterparts.

“I feel really good about us,” Titans senior Karsyn White said. “Getting first in district puts us in a good spot, and everyone else sees us as sort of competition now.”

The Titans earned the district’s top spot with their win at the district tournament earlier this month. The Warriors finished closely behind them, for second place, at that event.