East Titans head to state powerlifting meet

VICTORIA, Texas — The East Titan powerlifters are on their way to the state meet in Abilene this weekend.

The only senior of the group is Ceyth Grevey and he is competing in the 132 weight class. This is the first time he is heading to state and wants to finish in the top five and come back with a personal record total of 1,200 pounds. Currently, his total is 50 pounds below the 1,200 mark. His squat is 460 lbs, bench is 245 lbs and deadlift is 445 lbs. Grevey plans to treat this meet like all the others and has prepared by doing the workouts, ice baths and regular precautions necessary for recovery.

I mean, I’m not really nervous because of regionals last year and this year was the same and felt the same as every other meet, said Grevey. There’s more competition, but I’m not really nervous this year.

Grevey is confident this year and is excited he finally achieved his goal of making it to state.

Randal Delgado is a sophomore competing in the 181 weight class and is expecting to hit a total of 1,400 pounds, along with 600 lbs  squat, 300 lbs bench, and 500 lbs deadlift. Delgado’s PRs right now are 10-15 lbs lower than that on each of his lifts. Delgado injured his shoulder by tearing his rotator cuff in the beginning of the season and had three months of recovery.

I feel good and I’m real happy, said Delgado. I’m not going to do as well as I was supposed to do because I got hurt, but I am still happy because I made it over the injury.

Junior powerlifter Daniel Martinez is in the 181 weight class and is heading to the state meet for the first time. In order to be successful, Martinez believes he has to prepare mentally.

I want to lift six plates on squat, three plates on bench and maybe 595 on deadlift, said Martinez.

Martinez says he’s excited to be going and hoping for the best. last but not least,

Junior Ryan Cain is also making his first trip to state in the 242 weight class. Cain has been training like normal and working on his lock-outs on lifts. Cain has a PR of 725 lbs in squat, 330 lbs in bench and 605 lbs in deadlift.  Martinez wants to increase each of those lifts from 5 – 20 lbs.

I’m kind of nervous because this is my first state meet, but I hope I do good, said Cain