East High School Traffic Study To Begin

Dr. Quintin Shepherd, V.I.S.D. superintendent, spoke at this mornings partnership meeting, about a collaboration between V.I.S.D. and the city of Victoria, on how to reduce traffic in and around the school, in order to improve student safety and arrival times. Doctor Shepherd said that traffic patterns will be examined in several different ways, not only from the ground, but also from high above.

“The city is helping us out…they are going to come by on Thursday and maybe on again on Friday, to take some drone footage of the traffic, specifically to look at the traffic on the highway, and to see if we are able to relieve that congestion,” said Shepherd.

Shepard also stated that this week, students can be dropped off each morning at both the front entrance and the bus entrance. Shepard said that he hopes this will also reduce traffic tie-ups. The study will take several weeks to complete.