Early Harvest Season in Victoria County

I’m here in Victoria County where farmers are out harvesting corn and grain sorghum and so far the yields are looking good.
” We had good spring rains we had timely rains in lots of areas that really helped in certain stages or growth in development of the plant.

Those timely rains has lead to great yields in Victoria County. So far this year, we are seeing between 120 and 150 bushels of corn per acre and in grain sorghum we are seeing between 6700 to 7000 lbs per acre harvested. At the end of the harvest season of corn and sorghum, farmers could reap the benefits.

” We are glad seeing higher yields this year because the market price of corn has been lower and that has been a good thing for the farmers as far as the break even goes.”

Bochat wants drivers to be patient when seeing large harvesting machines on the road. ” My best advice is to give them all the room they need to turn and see and don’t follow to closely and be as safe as possible. Because we don’t want any farm accidents,” said Bochat.

Coming up over the next couple months farmers will be back out in the fields harvesting cotton and soybeans.