Dusty Lemke makes his debut as athletic director

A familiar faces takes over at Faith Academy

VICTORIA, Texas– There is a new sheriff in town at Faith Academy.

Dusty Lemke is taking over as the athletic director, since Gill Gonzales left earlier this year.

Lemke has grown up in Victoria and been in association with the Cougars for many years.

He attended Faith Academy in kindergarten and graduated high school from there too.

Lemke would then go on to coach there for ten years. The UHV grad has always wanted to be the athletic director at Faith Academy and is glad to make his dream a reality.

“I just love this place, part of the reason I came back is it feels like home. It’s not this sport vs that sport we are all together. Our size is our strength so drawing our kids close together and act like family,” said Lemke

His goal for the program this year is to make the playoffs in every sport.