Drunk teen driver kills one after a wrong way crash in Houston

One person is dead after a wrong-way crash in Houston that police say involved a 19-year-old drunk driver.

The accident happened early Thursday morning in southwest Houston.

Authorities say the teen was driving the wrong way he crashed into another driver, who was killed.

Both vehicles involved in the crash caught fire.

Authorities say the teen driver tried to flee the scene and get into another car then, after getting caught, failed sobriety tests.

“The victim was driving the correct way. By all accounts and eyewitnesses, the right speed limit in his own lane and a 19-year-old intoxicated individual was driving the wrong way on South Main or US 90. Head on collision, the victim’s car is just totally destroyed,” Sean Teare, Harris County District Attorney’s Office, said.

Sean Teare of the Harris county district attorney’s office called what happened a, quote, “selfish crime.”

The unidentified suspect is facing charges of intoxication manslaughter and failing to render aid.