Driving safety tips during the holiday season

The last day Texas roads were without any fatalities was on November 7, 2000. The goal is to end this streak.

“Since then there has been an average of 10 people to die per day on Texas roads,” said Lucean Kuykendall-Herring, the Public Information Officer for TxDOT Yoakum District.

“For 19 years we have not been able to end that streak, and we continue to get out there with the Texas Department of Transportation and other law enforcement agencies, as well as our Coastal Bend Traffic Safety Coalition to try to educate the public,” said, Ruben San Miguel, the Sergeant for Texas Department of Public Safety.

In 2018 the leading cause of traffic deaths was speeding, distracted driving and impairment due to alcohol or drugs. Meanwhile, more than 3,000 people have died while driving on Texas roads. TxDOT along with the Golden Crescent Traffic and Safety Coalition held a meeting to express the importance of safe traveling.

“With the upcoming holidays, a lot of people get on the roadways to go visit family and friends in other states or long distances away from home. They get behind the wheel of a car once they get off of work, and they don’t plan to get any rest before getting on the road. They get behind the wheel, they start dozing off, falling asleep, and that’s how fatal crashes or serious bodily injuries occur,” said San Miguel.

These are a few safety tips, buckle your seat belt, pay attention to the road, and don’t drink and drive. Each of us holds the power and the responsibility to keep ourselves, our families and our fellow drivers safe. To show your commitment TxDOT is asking you to participate in a social media challenge.

“TxDOT has issued a Texas Tag 10 Challenge and that is where we’re asking people to tag 10 friends on social media and in doing that were hoping that this would spread the word even more to the community,” said Kuykendall-Herring.

Let’s join together to keep our roads and our families safe by implementing these safety tips.