Drivers encouraged to put staff, student safety first

Drivers encouraged to put staff, student safety first

VICTORIA, Texas – A car disregarded a Victoria school district staff member trying to enforce after-school traffic Monday at Rowland Elementary School.

The car went into a ditch and around the staff member and made contact with her safety flag before driving off to avoid having to wait in line.

“Had that been a child who was trying to walk home from school or anything like that, then certainly it would be a horrible situation,” said Shawna Currie, VISD Communications Director. “They [staff] are out here to make sure that students and parents who are here picking up their children feel safe and we want to maintain that safe environment.”

And for drivers that are around Rowland Elementary School it’s important to remember that Dean Cook Drive becomes a one-way road from Leary Lane to Mockingbird Drive during drop-off and pick-up hours at the school.