Driver in human smuggling operation charged

This San Antonio Walmart parking lot where the truck was found.
The defendant, James Bradley, is expected back in court Thursday morning for a detention hearing.

He could face the death penalty, if convicted. On Sunday, authorities found 8 bodies inside the tractor trailer. Two more people died at the hospital.
Bradley claims he was unaware of what was inside the truck. He says he opened the trailer when he heard banging and shaking.
Court documents say six black SUVs were waiting in the parking lot to pick people up. A number of people who were in the tractor trailer left inside the SUVs.
Reports say some of those in the hospital may not survive.
Here’s what the mayor of San Antonio is saying Monday evening.

“We hope the full weight of the law falls on the driver and those involved. Again, because of the growing nature of human smuggling and human trafficking of all kinds in our country, I think we need to make sure that we fully investigate the magnitude of this particular crime,” San Antonio Mayor, Ron Nirenberg said.

One of the survivors told federal authorities he estimated up to 70 people were inside the truck. Another survivor says he estimated up to 200 people inside the truck. They say after the first hour people started having trouble breathing. There was a hole in the trailer wall where people took turns getting air.

We did speak with the city councilman for this area.

Bradley is expected back in court Thursday morning for a detention hearing.