Dr. Branfman overcame COVID-19 and describes the symptoms he experienced during the virus

VICTORIA, Texas– Dr. Gary Branfman is a plastic surgeon here in Victoria and he was previously diagnosed with COVID-19. Branfman says he was working around several nurses, doctors, and patients who caught the virus so he knew it was only a matter of time before he caught the disease.

“I started by having very mild upper respiratory flu-like symptoms. A little runny nose, sore throat, and a couple of days later I began to experience fatigue and fatigue to a greater extent than what one would anticipate with a simple common cold or the flu, and then I got some muscle weakness and some muscle aches. So that’s what inspired me to go and get tested. Although I knew the test was going to be positive, I just need to document it for my own medical records and for patient care,” said Dr. Gary Branfman.

Dr. Branfman says he was out of work for three weeks and he had to meet several criteria mandated by the CDC and the Victoria County Health Department before he could return to work. If you would like to get tested please contact your primary physician or more details.