DPS warning drivers don’t drink and drive

As we prepare to ring in the new year surrounded by family and friends…there is something of a dark omen that also surrounds this holiday…
After speaking with DPS about drinking and driving. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson brings us important safety tips to keep you safe heading into 2019.

When the ball drops at midnight…DPS is urging drivers to start the new year on a positive and not get behind the wheel intoxicated..”It resulted in 400 DWI arrest during the holiday season last year,” says Sgt. Rueben San Miguel, DPS.

Sgt. Rueben San Miguel is warning drivers of deadly consequences linked to drinking and driving. “Any crash that causes someone to get hurt or even killed is a terrible site to see and its terrible to see anytime of the year but especially during the holiday season. it adds a little bit more sadness to the event,” explains Sgt. San Miguel.

But the dangers don’t stop there..one wrong choice could leave a lasting scar…
“During this holiday season, drinking and driving is just one of those bad decisions that cause a tremendous amount of damage not only to people and their families but to vehicles and structures on the roadway and the roads themselves,” adds Sgt. San Miguel.

Planning could be key to keeping yourself and others out of harms way.
“Plan out your trip, plan out your evening, if you’re going to include transportation anywhere make sure you have a designated driver. make sure it’s a designated driver that you can trust,” explains Sgt. San Miguel.

Sgt. San Miguel walks me through the tasks you would be expected to do if your pulled over on the suspicion of drinking and driving.

First you will have to follow the troopers fingers with your eyes only. Secondly you will have to walk a straight line heel to toe while counting out loud to nine. Lastly you will have to stand on one foot with your leg out while counting until the trooper tells you to stop.

And if you fail those tasks you will be arrested.
Crossroads if you’re thinking about going out and drinking, make sure you call Uber, Lyft, or AAA who offers tipsy tow.