DPS Urges Drivers To Use Caution This Holiday Weekend

Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest traveling holidays, this year, with gas prices on the low end- many are planning to hit the road.

“It’s actually one of our operation holidays, which is, during an operation holiday all the troopers are out enforcing traffic laws out in the roadways.”says Sgt. Ruben San Miguel with the Department of Public Safety.

According to TxDoT, last Labor Day holiday weekend, there were 328 crashes involving drivers who were driving under the influence of alcohol. Those crashes killed 8 people and seriously injured another 25.

“We urge the public to plan accordingly if they’re going to go out and indulge in alcoholic beverage have a designated driver, have a back up plan, to get a ride or whatever, never drink and drive.” adds Sgt. San Miguel.

Fines can tally up to $17,000 for driving while intoxicated– in addition, if a crash occurs and the scene is left, a minimum of 120 days of jail are granted. This, to become effective on Sept. 1st as HB 2502 becomes law.

“There’re numerous things that cause distracted driving, so when you’re behind the wheel, make sure you’re driving and that’s where your priority should be.” says Sgt. San Miguel.