Don’t let a fire ruin your 4th of July fun

The 4th of July is approaching and people are gearing up to celebrate.

On Independence Day the number one safety concern is to make sure you’re drinking responsibly while popping fireworks.

“You know people are going to want alcohol so be very careful while your discharging fireworks not to be consuming alcohol,” said Richard Castillo, Victoria Fire Marshall.

Richard Castillo the Victoria Fire Marshall says if you’re going to pop fireworks make sure you are popping them in a rural area. Also, be sure to have them in an open area so that you won’t start a grass fire.

“Under the state law, that you can’t discharge fireworks within six hundred feet of a church even in the county or the hospital or a veterinary clinic,” said Castillo.

It’s illegal to pop fireworks within the city limits, but Castillo mentioned they will open Patriot’s Park for the 4 th of July.

“Commissioner burns and our department we donate the time for the people to have a place to discharge fireworks,” said Castillo.

You and your family will be allowed to pop fireworks at Patriot’s Park from 8 p.m. until midnight.