Donations From Poco Bueno Used To Feed The Hungry

When Pastor Erny McDonough of Fisherman’s Chapel in Port O’connor learned 23 years ago that he would receive fish donations, the first thing he wanted to do was give back to the community..

“I was very excited about the prospective of taking fish gleam them, clean them, and freeze them and pass those out to needy folks,” said McDonough.

At Poco Bueno, the church received 5,000 pounds of fish and there was one fisherman that wanted to donate despite having two small fish.
“And he said to them, I can feed two families a meal with these two little fish and that is the reason why I will stand in line in order to donate them,” said McDonough.

The team has served the fish all over South Texas to ones in need.
We have taken them to orphanages, we have taken them to rehab centers, San Antonio, Austin area, points in between,” said McDonough.

So with all of the fish that has been collected, the goal is to make sure that no piece of fish goes to waste. “We take ice and we ice it down when we are receiving it, get it in the freezer as fast as possible so that it is persevered in the best quality it can be,” said McDonough.

The church will also clean fish that is donated from the Sharp Tooth Event and Lone Star Shootout in Port O’connor.