Don Brubaker remembers the evolution of sports in the Crossroads

The stories of players and coaches pushing the boundaries of physicals limits, Sports is an opportunity to tell those stories. The name Don Brubaker is now forever linked to the greatest sports moments in the Crossroads.

Brubaker remembers his first day at KAVU, “I was told the first week that I’d be learning and observing so I walked in the first day and the News Director say you know when I said you’d be learning and observing…we fired the guy you’re on the air today.”

While most people are still learning where the bathroom is on their first day, Brubaker says thank God he was wearing a coat and tie. “I had to learn to whole system I had to learn where the archive tapes were…all two of them…for the previous two years of the station.”

Undaunted by being thrown on live TV on his first day, however there was one thing that Don needed to know, “I needed video. Where was I going to find video. We had one daily feed so there was a lot of my talking head.”

That first day, week, month, and the next seven years was all Don, “The first ten years we saw tremendous growth. What happened was we had a situation where the Victoria High Stingray basketball team went to state in 1985. The Stroman girls basketball team was almost just as good they made a long run.”

KAVU did a 30 minute special on the Stingray’s run to State. “The GM didn’t like it because it had unhappy ending, Victoria High lost in the finals. ” But the next year Victoria High girls went back to State and won. “What happened was a show that people have loved for over thirty years a 30 minute show.” This team was not only a great team but it was a very tight knit family. “Coach Lahudney allowed us to show that side of it and really coaches let us show that side of ball players that a lot of coaches didn’t want to because they didn’t trust others…but they trusted us. ”

Fast forward 33 years, with a track record of reliability and credibility behind him, what changed in Crossroads Sports? “Back in the day people would say you can just look it up stuff on the internet…no we didn’t have the internet.”

No problem…that’s the job. Go out and report. “Those were our sources and local sources that’s what we had to go through everyday we have to make phone calls we had to do interviews we had to get out in the street.”