Don Brubaker celebrates 34 years at Victoria Television Group

Our very own Don Brubaker celebrated his thirty fourth anniversary with the Newscenter 25 Tuesday afternoon. Don Brubaker began his career with Newscenter 25 in August of 1984. Since then, Don has gone on to win numerous awards for his sports coverage, including state awards from the Associated Press and Texas Girl’s Coaches Association. When asked, Don says it’s been such a pleasant surprise working in Victoria for so long.

“I never expected it,” explained Brubaker. “You know, I never expected to be here 34 years. I just keep on doing what I’m doing. And, as long as I’m having fun, and most importantly, as long as the viewers are having fun and they’re enjoying what we’re doing, then I’ll just keep doing it. And, getting paid for it too, that’s not bad.”

Don adds, while he is unsure how much longer he’ll stay in the TV industry, he hopes to continue providing award winning coverage to the crossroads for years to come.

You can watch Don Brubaker each night on our evening and nightly broadcasts and during our Friday Football Fever coverage, which starts this Friday.