Dog bite incident ends with order to euthanize animal

Dog ordered euthanized after third bite incident.

CRESCENT VALLEY, Texas – A recent case involving a chow dog at Crescent Valley has resulted in an order to euthanize the animal. On April 24, 2021, the dog attacked a two-year-old. The dog was chained to a tree at the time.

Today Judge Mary Ann Rivera decided it was best to have the dog euthanized. This was Leo’s third bite incident.

The mother of the child said it was the best outcome for everyone involved.

“I’m satisfied with it. It’s hurtful that the dog had to die, but with it’s previous bites, it is definitely what needed to happen. I am frustrated that two people were bitten before, one being a minor child and that nothing was done to the dog up to that point. I feel like my son’s injuries could’ve been prevented. It’s hurtful to think of the dog having to die, it’s very sad to know. You know, he’s tied to a tree and that’s no life for anybody,” said Theresa Sommers.

Victoria County Animal Control is giving the owner of Leo an opportunity to say goodbye.

Judge Rivera took into consideration the owner’s work schedule which has him working long days from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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