Do you know the sex offenders in your area?

Candy? Check. Spooky decorations? Check. Awesome Halloween costume? Costume. Matching costume for the pets? Check and check. Map of safe areas to go trick or treating? Don’t worry, the Victoria County Sheriff’s has you covered.

County Sheriff’s made a post on Facebook Wednesday reminding the community to mindful of any registered sex offenders that may be in their area to ensure a safe night of trick or treating.

The post read as follows:

“Sheriff T.Michael O’Connor wants to remind everyone to be extra careful on Halloween with all of our young Trick-or-Treaters out and about!

Chief Deputy Roy Boyd added that the Criminal Investigations Division conducted compliance investigations of individuals on the Sex Offender Registration (SOR) list this week.

There is a publicly accessible state database available to those who want to check the areas they plan to visit on Halloween. Link below:
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Please be safe and responsible as you go trick or treating throughout the Crossroads and if you see something suspicious, say something. For emergencies call 911 and you call Crime Stoppers at 361-572-4200