Do you know the 5 P’s of safety and fire prevention in the winter?

“Baby, it’s cold outside.” It is officially coat, hat, and scarf season. As tempting as it is to plug in every heat producing applicance and crank the heat on max, do you know the five p’s of safety and fire prevention? These are especially key during the winter time.

Newscenter 25 spoke with Fire Marshal, Tom Legler about the 5 P’s and what steps the community can take to ensure a safe and warm winter.

1. People – wear appropriate outdoor clothing: wear a tightly woven, preferably wind-resistant coat or jacket; inner layers of light, warm clothing; mittens; hats; scarves; and waterproof boots.

2. Pets – Bring your pets inside. Be very careful of heat lamps, as these have caused several fires in the Crossroads area.

3. Pipes – Insulate water lines that run along exterior walls. Protect hose bibs, backflow preventors and other outdoor plumbing devices.

4. Plants – Cover plants that are susceptible to freezing.

5. Prevention in general –

Have your heating system checked by a professional to make sure it is clean, working properly, and ventilated.
Inspect and clean fireplaces and chimneys.
Install smoke detectors. Test batteries monthly and replace them twice a year.
Install a carbon monoxide (CO) detector to alert you of the presence of the deadly, odorless, colorless gas.
Keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet from any heat source like fireplaces, wood stoves, radiators, or space heaters.
Plug only 1 heat producing appliance (such as a space heater) into an electrical outlet at a time.