Do Bullying Laws Protect Students?

“H e does good in school but the bullies pick on him and call him all kind of names.” Said Elizabeth Schoen

Bullying in schools is a reality that some children deal with on a daily basis. Elizabeth Schoen says her 9 year old grandson has been bullied for the past three school years and says school officials are no help.

“E ven the principal is behind the teacher saying that they are doing their job by telling your child to toughen up.” Said Schoen

So do state laws protect your children from bullying? It was back in 2011 that state legislators passed anti- bullying legislation which requires school districts to have a policy in place to report and discipline bullying but ultimately it’s the districts responsibly to protect the children. Patrick Petru who is not a parent himself but has relative who go to school says parents need to get involved if they see a problem.

“I t should start at home first and then the parents should go to school and have a meeting and talk it out.” Said Petru

But what should you do if school administr ators don’t take action? By law parents or guardians can ask that their child be transferred to another class or campus, but if parents are not happy with the district they can file a griev ance with the Texas Education Agency.

“Y ou know if it happens once maybe it’s a disagreement but when it happens on a weekly basis and a daily basis that child needs to go to another class.” Said Schoen

If you would like to see your school district’s bullying policy you can check out these links. Victoria ISD Calhoun ISD Cuero ISD Edna ISD Goliad ISD Gonzales ISD