“Dixie” will no longer be Refugio ISD fight song

RISD held a special school board meeting Tuesday evening to vote on the future of their 'fight song'.

HALLETTSVILLE, Texas- The vote to abolish ‘Dixie’ as the Refugio ISD fight song passed 7-0. The specially called board meeting was held Tuesday evening.

The issue brought many complaints from the community due to its racist roots and ties to the Texas confederacy. Others argued the song was a school spirit tradition.

Back in November, the board voted 5-2 to keep the song. This was the second attempt to abolish ‘Dixie’ since 2016. 

Jorge Jaso, a school board member who voted to abolish the song back in 2016 and in November of 2019 says, “the board [realized] the magnitude of their vote [and] the implications that it had. Not necessarily on them, but the importance, the magnitude, of that vote.”

At least twelve people addressed the board with their opinion about ‘Dixie’. Supporters on both sides of the fence stood up to address the board. Matt Manning, an attorney from Corpus Christi attended as a supporter to abolish the song. When the vote was finalized he said,  “this is so emblematic of what we say want in America. Action and consequences when you don’t follow the right action. Here, I think they finally did the right thing and I think the citizens here who have been plagued by this can rest easy.”