District Attorney Stuart Fryer gives an update on the three Hallettsville faculty members cases

We reported that the Lavaca County District Attorney Stuart Fryer was approved to have a traveling judge on the Hallettsville faculty member’s case. Now we find out why he requested a traveling judge.

“It’s two reasons, one is our Constitutional County Judge is not a lawyer. He does very well, I rarely complain about his ruling on the evidence and the things he’s been trained on but constitutional questions require more legal training and legal experience,” said Fryer.

Fryer says he thinks it would be best to have a judge to rule in this case who has the knowledge and a wealth of experience with the constitutional law.

“Probably an even bigger reason is we’re constrained in the County Courthouse and so with a visiting judge we can have a trial basically as soon as that judge and other lawyers are available,” said Fryer.
Attorney Fryer says this will expedite the trial getting to court. Meanwhile, back in September, the felony indictments were changed to misdemeanors. Fryer went on to simplify some information that was listed on each defendant’s public records.

“That information says that each of the defendants showed that they had or knew that they had a duty to report this case because they conducted their own investigation of it and that was evidence that they knew something should have been reported,” said Fryer.
Currently, a trial date has not been set, but we will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.