District 27 Congressman Michael Cloud toured the southern border in El Paso

Congressman Cloud on border issues

VICTORIA, Texas- On Monday District 27 Congressman Michael Cloud toured the southern border in El Paso with Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and several other Members of Congress. He said in a press release the goal was to shed light on the humanitarian crisis that’s underway at the border.

Congressman Cloud said he highlighted President Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s border security policies, criticizing the president for allowing the situation to worsen while spending weeks blaming the previous administration.

At the press conference at the El Paso border, Congressman Cloud spoke about drug cartels that have profited off of the suffering of migrants. Watch Congressman Cloud’s remarks here.

“It’s unfortunate we needed to go to the border to see this, but it’s important in order to shed light on the situation,” said Congressman Cloud. “The open border policies of the Biden Administration have precipitated this humanitarian and national security crisis at our southern border. What’s extremely tragic about the crisis we find ourselves in today is all that President Biden had to do to avoid it was nothing. We can fix this. We can secure our border. We can protect the lives of these people, and we can keep our nation strong.”

Congressman Cloud also pointed out that many members of Congress who denounced conditions on the border when President Trump was in office are not applying the same pressure to President Biden.

The congressional delegation toured multiple stops along the southern border. The El Paso Central Processing Center, a new facility designed to process over 1,000 migrants each day, is currently beyond capacity. Despite Congress’ recent action in passing a $1.9 trillion COVID spending bill, no funding has been provided to address the situation at the southern border.

“This is a tragedy that was completely predictable and avoidable,” added Congressman Cloud. “Real compassion would be for our country to mitigate this crisis.”