Digital Daily: First responders save mans life then sod his lawn

Firefighters are everyday heroes, but these first responders went even further after saving a man’s life. They went back to his house to “save” his lawn.

Gene Work was sodding his lawn when he suffered a heart attack.

Melissa Work, Gene’s Wife: “My gut knew it and I went to him and he’s laying there crying and he’s like but my sod, my sod. I was like stop you’re having a heart attack stop it!”

Work was so worried that he’d be fined by the homeowners’ association for his unfinished lawn that he continued with his yard work through the heart attack.

Sympathetic to his plight, after the emergency team transported Work to the hospital? they came back to finish sodding his lawn.

Gene Work:”I just broke down in tears I couldn’t believe it!”
Melissa Work: “They saved his life and saved the grass like come on!”

Just days after the ordeal, Work got to meet the compassionate men who saved his life and his yard.