‘Did she kill him?’ the question that looms on the final day of the Amber Sorensen trial

Day 11 of the Amber Sorensen murder trial concluded Monday, and with the last witnesses called and summations read the jury will begin deliberations as they decide on a verdict.

In their closing statement Monday, the Jackson County District Attorney’s office attempted to keep things straight and simple, boiling down nine days of testimony to two questions: did Amber Sorensen kill Jarrett Parker, and if so, was that okay?

The DA pointed out holes in the defendant’s self-defense story, citing testimony that forensic analysis of the bullet trajectory and blood spatter, in addition to Sorensen’s lack of identifiable bruising or bodily injury, both contradict her version of events.

Sorensen had claimed Parker was an immediate threat to her, and that they were striking each other before she managed to wrestle a gun she says Parker drew out of his hand. The prosecutor, however, quick to point out the victim outweighed Sorensen by 70 pounds and was formerly in Air Force with training in martial arts.

The defense, meanwhile, painted a picture of a protracted, abusive relationship that had approached a tipping point. Sorensen’s attorney pointed out there was no physical evidence to support she was the one who drew the gun, and cited two prior occasions in which Sorensen had hid in their house for fear of bodily injury, only to have Parker kick down doors to get to her.

While the prosecutors acknowledged a history of domestic violence, their case rests on the conflicting accounts provided by Sorensen herself, court will remain in recess until the jury returns from deliberations.